RCMP marks anniversary of Edmonton Police Service dog Quanto’s death

Quanto Memorial - 2014-10-07 08.58.35_resizedEdmonton, AB – A memorial plaque was unveiled today at “K” Division RCMP Headquarters in Edmonton in tribute to Quanto, the Edmonton Police Service dog who lost his life in the line of duty on October 7, 2013. Quanto was stabbed in the parking lot of “K” Division Headquarters after engaging a suspect who was fleeing Edmonton police on foot. Efforts to save the dog were unsuccessful and Quanto died of his injuries. RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Commanding Officer of the RCMP in Alberta, Edmonton Police Service Chief Rod Knecht and employees from both agencies were on hand to witness the unveiling.

“Police dogs are loyal partners who do what is asked of them. A year ago today, Quanto did what was asked and died because of it, “said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Commanding Officer of the RCMP in Alberta. “Quanto’s death was a loss felt by the entire Canadian police community across Canada, and particularly here at “K” Division where it hit very close to home.”

The plaque commemorating Quanto’s sacrifice now hangs by the Quanto - k9_cal_2014_0104employee entrance of “K” Division Headquarters, approximately 100 metres from where Quanto was stabbed. It is placed there as a symbol and a reminder to all employees entering the building of Quanto’s sacrifice, the risks associated with police work and the RCMP’s strong bond with the Edmonton Police Service and other police agencies throughout Alberta.

“Quanto died helping to protect our employees and we are very grateful for that,” said Ryan. “Today, we also acknowledge the close bonds that tie all Alberta police agencies together in good times and bad.”

In February 2014, the man who killed Quanto was sentenced to 26 months in prison related to a string of criminal offences related to the incident, including animal cruelty. He was also banned from owning a pet for 25 years.