RCMP Gleichen – UPDATE #2: Three Dead in House fire on Siksika Nation


Siksika Nation, Alberta.  The RCMP and Siksika Nation Fire Department, assisted by the Cluny Fire Department, are examining evidence from the fire scene in the hope the exact cause of the fire that claimed three lives early this morning could be determined soon. There were no other persons present in the home at the time of the fire and investigators are confident there will be no other discoveries of human remains.

Preliminary examination suggests, subject to final verification, that the fire started within the home and does not appear to be of a suspicious origin.  Fire investigators remain at the scene and access is being strictly controlled for the safety of the public and to protect additional evidence in the home.

The bodies of two men, aged 28 and one female, aged 25 were found by fire investigators upon clearing the home once the fire was brought under control.  Neighbours had called the RCMP shortly after 7:00 a.m. upon noticing smoke coming from the windows of the house, which had only recently been occupied by the three adults, all residents of the Siksika Nation.  The bodies have been removed and are being transported to the Calgary Medical Examiner’s office where autopsies will be performed early next week to determine the exact cause of death.  Preliminary identification of the three victims has been made and police are in the process of contacting the next of kin.

Further updates will be provided promptly when the exact cause of death of the victims and the source of the fire have been determined.