RCMP Engages Youth with “BullyText,” “RCMPTalks” During Bullying Awareness Week


RCMP Bully TextAs part of Bullying Awareness Week (Nov. 16-20), today the RCMP is launching an initiative that uses mobile technology that many youth use every day to deliver important lessons about the effects of bullying.

“BullyText,” is a tool to engage youth using text messaging that features various bullying scenarios. The choices youth make while texting determine how the scenarios play out with their friends and others. A useful resource for teachers, police officers in schools and anyone else who works with youth, “BullyText” can be used by anyone with a cell phone that can send and receive short message service (SMS) messages.

Also this week, the RCMP will host another “RCMPTalks” on Tuesday, November 17th, a live videoconference discussion among students in different Canadian classrooms. This session’s topic is bullying and cyberbullying with guest speaker Molly Burke, a former bullying victim and motivational speaker.

RCMP Talks Bully“BullyText and RCMPTalks are great initiatives developed by the RCMP’s National Youth Services,” says Janice Armstrong, Deputy Commissioner of Contract and Aboriginal Policing. “These are two more tools to help youth make educated decisions about the issues they face, and keep them from becoming either victims of crime, or offenders.”

To launch BullyText, text “BULLY” to 38383 on your phone.

Livestream the RCMPTalks session at 12 p.m. EST on November 17th. Join the social media conversation by following #RCMPTalks.

For more on the RCMP’s youth resources and programs, please visit the Centre for Youth Crime Prevention (CYCP).

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