RCMP Deputy Commissioner Janice Armstrong – Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Women in the RCMP

Leading the Way

From historical “firsts” to recent triumphs, women continue to break down barriers, while igniting inspiration and opportunity among future female leaders across the country.

Since 1974, women have made significant progress in the RCMP. In 1981, the first woman was promoted to Corporal and the first women served on the Musical Ride; in 1987, the first woman served in a foreign posting; in 1990, the first woman was appointed Detachment Commander; in 1992, the first female officers were commissioned;and in 1998, the first female Assistant Commissioner was appointed.

On December 16, 2006, Beverley Ann Busson (an original member of Troop 17 [1974]) was appointed the 21st Commissioner of the RCMP.

Women of the RCMP have left a rich legacy which continues to grow in the 21st century. From frontline policing, to forensics, to human resources and information technology, the dedicated women of the RCMP continue to be key contributors to the successful delivery of policing services to Canadian communities from sea to sea to sea.

From Constable to Commissioner, anything is possible for women who join as regular members of the RCMP.

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Quick Facts

1974: RCMP announces it will accept applications from women

1974: First women sworn in as police officers

1974: Troop 17 – first all-female troop – starts training at Depot

1975: Troop 17 graduates

1975: First all-female troop of regular members graduates from “Depot”

1975: First female aboriginal (Cst. Ruth Ahenakew) joins the Force

1981: First female members on the Musical Ride

1987: First Black female regular member (Cst. Andrea Elaine Lawrence) joins the Force

2006: First woman, Beverly Busson, appointed RCMP Commissioner

2007: First Black female commissioned officer (Lori Seale-Irving)

2013: 21% of regular members are females

2013: First aboriginal Division head (Chief Superintendent Brenda Butterworth Carr) appointed Commanding Officer “F” Division (Saskatchewan)

2013: 18 female members on the Musical Ride (50%), Sergeant and two Corporals are all women (first time in history)