RCMP Cochrane: Sedrick Powderface Sentenced for Firearm Related Offences

On September 29, 2015 at 05:30hrs Cochrane RCMP were called to a residence on the Stoney First Nation for a report of a domestic assault in which Sedrick Powderface had assaulted his common law wife and another female in his residence.   It was alleged that a firearm was produced during this assault and was discharged afterwards when his common law and children had fled the residence.  Sedrick Powderface was arrested later that morning by RCMP members doing containment on the residence awaiting the arrival of the K Division Emergency Response Team (their arrival was cancelled once arrest made).  Cochrane RCMP members located Mr. Powderface in the backseat of a truck being driven by two male associates and he was found in possession of a hunting rifle and ammunition.

On December 10, 2015, Sedrick Powderface was scheduled for trial on the numerous charges he faced from this incident.   Instead, on the day of trial Mr. Powderface, who was represented by Defence Counsel decided to change his plea from not guilty to guilty on the following charges:

1.  Possession of a Firearm when prohibited by a court order under section 117.01(3) of the Criminal Code.   He received a 5 month jail sentence and was fined $200 for the victim surcharge.

2.  Pointing a Firearm under section 87(2) and Possession of a Weapon (firearm) Dangerous to the Public under section 88(2) of the criminal code.   He received a 5 month jail sentence and was fined $200 on each charge as the victim surcharge.  This charge stemmed from allegations made by the other occupants of the truck in which Sedrick Powderface was arrested from.

3.  He was also charged with two counts of section 145(3), breach of his release conditions from a prior charge still before the courts.   He received a 30 day jail sentence on each charge and fined $200 victim surcharge on each count.

Withdrawn on this date were one breach of his release conditions under section 145(3) of the criminal code and one count of uttering threats under section 264.1(1)(a) of the criminal code.   The jail sentences imposed above are to be served concurrent.  Still before the courts are charges stemming from the domestic assault on his common law wife and another female who will not be named.   The trial date for these offences have been scheduled for January 7, 2016.