RCMP Alberta: Drivers beware – Increase in wildlife collisions

RCMP-Crest-insigne1-e1393524295759.jpgWith the earlier darkness setting in, change of weather and wildlife movement there are a number of drivers striking wildlife while on Alberta roads. Motorists need to be aware of the safety issues. Slow down when visibility is diminished such as darkness. If you come to strike an animal take the appropriate actions to have the dead animal removed from the road. Put on your flashers and call the highway maintenance company for the area and request assistance for removal if you are unable to safely do the same.

By driving away after a collision and leaving an obstruction on the road another motorist will strike it causing potential civilian injury or damage.

In recent weeks it has been observed that there have been wildlife strikes where the carcass was left on the road and then restruck multiple times causing damage to a number of vehicles. Should that wildlife have been removed from the onset of the collision this would be resolved.

Alberta has had 446 animal strikes causing damage, injury and even death in August 2014 which were reported to the RCMP. In September 2013, 752 were reported to the RCMP, in October 2013, it rose to 1116 strikes. We are anticipating again an increase in animal strikes causing property damage, injury, and potentially death in the coming months.

Drive carefully and use caution when in high risk areas where wildlife cross as well report incidents where you see potential hazards. Please drive with care and be aware of your surroundings and hazards. Educate yourself on who to call when you come across an obstruction on the road that could pose an hazzard for the next driver.