Rachel Notley’s Rally for Change overflows with supporters

Rachel Notley - NDP - photo by Amber BrackenEDMONTON – Hundreds of supporters turned out (Sunday) for Rachel Notley’s Rally for Change, as she wrapped up the first week of her Leader’s Tour in Edmonton.

Fire code regulations forced supporters into two separate overflow rooms as space in the main hall was quickly exhausted. Supporters watching live-feed TVs chanted her name as Notley took the stage, promising to fight for the things that matter to Albertans.

“I am running because it’s time for a real alternative to the PC government,” said Notley. “We will ensure that every single one of us shares in our prosperity.
We will respect your vote and keep our promises. We will show leadership on the things that matter. Education. Healthcare. Jobs. From day one, New Democrats will put you first.”

The excited crowd held up orange signs that read “Leadership for what matters” and erupted in cheers as Notley talked about her friends and neighbours in Edmonton

“Edmonton is a great city. We’ve got grit, we’ve got determination and we work hard to get the job done and that’s how I know we’re going to pull together, break new ground, and elect a new government,” said Notley.

“There’s a feeling of change in the air – Albertans want a new premier, and I’m here to tell you that I’m applying for the job! On Election Day, I am asking you to remember who’s in your corner and who’s standing up for you.

“Because it is, and always will be, the NDP.”