Quick Tips for Ride Safety at Amusement Parks

As a parent, you may wonder about the safety of rides, especially at a temporary attraction like your local fair. But whether your kids are rollercoaster, drop tower or pendulum enthusiasts, you can keep the thrill upbeat with a few simple tips from Roger Neate of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

Follow the rules. Follow age, height and weight restrictions. These exist so all riders have a safe, satisfying experience. By taking time to read and respect safety instructions, you and your group can enjoy a carefree day of fun.

Control hair and belongings. Hair must be tied so wind or movement cannot cause it to come in contact with moving parts. Similarly, do not wear scarves, necklaces or other items that could dangle and get caught.

Make sure all belongings are secured before the ride starts, and don’t bring items like phones, hats, backpacks or purses, as they may hit you or others when you’re in motion. Even coins are hazardous if they fall out of your pocket at the wrong time.

Be aware. It’s easy to get distracted by the sights and sounds of an amusement park, but it’s important to watch for potential problems. Don’t sit in a seat that has an out-of-order sign or is blocked off. Also, if you notice equipment that’s broken or doesn’t seem to work properly, tell staff immediately.

While on a ride, ensure all safety belts and lap bars are properly fastened to hold you and/or your child. If seated, don’t stand until the ride has completely stopped and it’s time to exit. Keep your arms, hands, legs, feet and head inside at all times. If you see any adult or child doing something that may cause harm to themselves or to others, alert staff right away.

Know your limits. Park visits are only fun if you leave as happy and healthy as you arrived. It’s important to know your physical limitations and stick to appropriate rides. Be sure to take breaks and listen to your body, and never go on a ride while impaired.

Find more information at tssa.org.