Pump Track Location Approved by Council

HIGH RIVER, ALBERTA – At the September 23, 2019 regular meeting, High River Council approved land near the existing spray park as the location of the proposed pump track.

The Town-owned land has been made available for use to the High River Pump Track Committee. Private fundraising will fund the development of the pump track. The project is community-led, with extensive research and consultation completed by the volunteer committee.

With the approval of the open green space located at 1819 High Country Drive NW as an acceptable location to construct a pump track, the committee will now shift their focus to fundraising efforts to pay for the design, construction, and materials required for the pump track. The committee is expected to go through the planning approval process before the installation of the track.

“Community-led projects allow our residents the opportunity to identify ways to grow and improve our Town,” says Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “Our residents have a pulse on the neighbourhoods they live in and how they can drive projects that will enhance the community for everyone. This initiative and innovation are what makes High River so exceptional.”

For those that are looking to get involved with the project, please go to the Pump Track Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1587656844612880/ or search “High River Pump Track” on Facebook.