PTSD Road to Recovery

The Latest Edition* of Bob Bray’s PTSD Road To Recovery – One Soldiers Story
PTSD Road to Recovery CoverThis is the latest edition of his book on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Using his own experiences with PTSD, serving both in the Army and as a Police Officer for many years.

Regina, Saskatchewan – This book is a lifelong culmination of both his personal experiences dealing with the effects of PTSD in both the Army and on the front lines of the Police Force. It was these experiences that led him towards his current occupation as both a lifecoach and counsellor. It was these life changing decisions that have helped him to focus on both the prevention and management of symptoms of those people suffering from PTSD or being exposed to someone suffering from PTSD.

“PTSD effects everyone differently, there is no one size fits all approach to dealing with it. It can effect anyone at anytime, the strong, the weak experienced or inexperienced alike, no one is immune.” ~ Bob Bray

Police Officers, Dispatchers, First Responders, Army Personnel or anyone that endures a traumatic event in one way or another can be affected by PTSD. Don’t let either yourself or a loved one fall victim to this silent killer among us. It’s time that we all put our hands up, stand together and work as one.

“No longer should PTSD be treated as a weakness, understanding is the first step towards winning the fight against this condition. “ ~ Bob Bray

Coming February 2016: PTSD Weekend Workshop In London, Ontario
~Geared towards Veterans, Soldiers and First Responders~
Stay tuned for more information!