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Provincial Funding Supports Wood Buffalo Recovery

Disaster Recovery Program funding will help the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo rebuild and recover.

Steve Menard shows Minister Anderson his plans to rebuild his home in the Abasand neighbhourhood

As part of its ongoing commitment to stand with Wood Buffalo residents, the Alberta government is advancing $20 million in  program funding. The money from the Disaster Recovery Program is intended to help with uninsurable costs, such as emergency response, evacuation, cleanup of damaged areas and public spaces, and repairs to public infrastructure damaged by the wildfire.

“It’s incredible to see the progress that’s been made in the last nine months, but recovering from one of the worst natural disasters in Canada’s history will take years, not months. Our government’s continued commitment to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo means we will stand with them for the long haul and support them as they rebuild their homes, neighbourhoods and community.”

Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs

As a partner in the community’s reconstruction, the Government of Alberta advanced $87.5 million in Disaster Recovery Program funding in 2016 to ensure the municipality could keep moving forward without having to carry a heavy financial burden.

“We are delighted that Minister Anderson could be here today to see the scope of the recovery for himself. We appreciate the Government of Alberta’s ongoing commitment to our community and look forward to continued collaboration throughout the recovery process.”

Melissa Blake, Mayor, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

To date all re-entry restrictions for the municipality have been lifted, close to 500 development permits have been issued and more than 100 homes are under construction.

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