We Had a Provincial Election ~ WHY?


By Pam Jones, Editor

Looking at the last Provincial election it seemed apparent that many Albertan’s wanted, if not a new governing party then at the very least, a strong Opposition Party.

For elected members to make promises to the electorate in their Ridings based on a particular Party’s policies only to have those MLAs cross-over to another political Party prior to an election absolutely astounds me.

Do these politicians really think that it was only their charisma, looks or personality that got them elected in the first place?

Why is it their decision that they now become part of the very Political Party that their electorate didn’t want to see in office?

What happened to democracy? The last time I looked the definition of Democracy was: a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting.

How can these politicians turn their backs on what the people in their Ridings chose and expect them to blindly follow them like sheep? Do they expect support next time around?

Now I guess we can say, “What was the point?” If what Albertan’s chose in the last election can be so blatantly undermined, how many people will even bother to get out and vote in the next election?

What message are we sending to our youth and future leaders? Oh, it doesn’t matter what you promise you can always renege later and change your mind!

We believe that this is an important and passionate topic, and we want to hear YOUR voice! Agree with this editorial? Perhaps disagree? Either way we want to know why. Please share your comments below.




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