Province Steps Up to Help Brain Injury Survivors

Province Steps Up to Help Brain Injury Survivors

The Alberta government is supporting hundreds of survivors of severe brain injuries to ensure they continue to receive critical rehabilitation services in the Calgary region.

Community and Social Services Minister Sabir and MLA Brian Malkinson speak with clients, staff and board members for the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI) in Calgary.


Each year, about 5,000 Albertans sustain a head injury as a result of an accident, stroke or illness. The Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI) provides rehabilitation and family support services so survivors in the Calgary region can enjoy fulfilling lives and contribute to their communities.

ARBI is funded annually by the government of Alberta, with secondary support from community organizations. This year, that secondary funding was cut, leaving more than 150 survivors at risk of losing vital services. To ensure there is no gap in support, the province is providing a grant of $400,000.

“Brain injury survivors deserve access to necessary supports so they can live meaningful and engaged lives. This funding will ensure ARBI can continue to provide services that help them participate in their community and achieve a better quality of life. This is part of our government’s ongoing commitment to ensure Albertans and their families get the services they need.”

~Irfan Sabir, Minister of Community and Social Services

“ARBI is extremely grateful to Community and Social Services for this grant, which will help stabilize our operations and ensure that critical services continue to be delivered. In addition, a sustainable ARBI allows us to be part of a larger discussion with the province to address service coordination amidst the growing need.”

~Mary Ellen Neilson, executive director, ARBI

As well as bolstering rehabilitation and family support services for brain injury survivors, the funding will also be used to explore brain injury services for the long term in the Calgary region.