Province Releases Report of Highwood Mitigation Options

A report from Dutch research foundation Deltares recommends mitigation efforts on the Highwood River focus on removing obstacles from the river channel.

The Deltares recommendations shift the focus from diverting water away from High River to enabling more water to safely pass through the town by removing or relocating obstructions such as railroad berms and bridge abutments, and reshaping the floodplain.

“Our goal has always been to find the best possible solution to mitigate the flood risk in High River. With this report in hand, we will continue to work with our municipal partners to build a safer community.”

~ Kyle Fawcett, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

“I’m pleased that the government has taken the time to do extensive consultations with our community to consider all options and ensure we have the right solution for the Highwood. I believe we are getting very close to consensus on a cost-effective approach that will protect the town of High River, ‎while minimizing the impact on landowners and the environment. I look forward to the next step.”

~ Danielle Smith, MLA, Highwood

The recommendations are based on an analysis of simulations provided by the town’s engineering consultant and consultation with the Town of High River, the Municipal District of Foothills, and the Highwood Management Plan – Public Advisory Committee.

Deltares was hired last fall to review mitigation options in High River and provide recommendations to government. The scope of the Deltares study included a review of the two southern diversion options.