Province Delivers Funding for Local Infrastructure


Communities across Alberta are moving forward with local infrastructure projects, thanks to funding support from the government’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

The funding commitment under the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) ensures stable support for the long-term plans of communities across the province.

“Alberta families and businesses have asked us to ensure strong and stable support for local infrastructure, and that’s what we will deliver. Flowing this previously-allocated funding will ensure local governments can move forward on their immediate needs as we identify priorities going forward through budget consultations.”

Deron Bilous, Minister of Municipal Affairs

MSI capital projects include:

  • municipal roads and bridges
  • public transit
  • water and wastewater systems
  • emergency services, facilities and equipment
  • solid waste management facilities and equipment
  • regional and community airport facilities and equipment
  • other municipal buildings and facilities such as recreation and sports facilities, libraries, public works buildings and cultural/community centres

The MSI program continues to deliver funding that respects local decision-making and provides the flexibility Alberta’s municipalities require to bring their long-term plans and community vision to life.

The funding was previously allocated without specifically-approved projects, and is being delivered under provisions of the government’s recently passed interim supply bill.


The 2015-16 allocation of $876.9 million brings total funding provided since the program, started in 2007, to almost $6.7 billion.

To date the program has supported more than 4,800 projects.

Funding allocations to municipalities are based on a formula that includes population, education property tax requisitions and kilometres of local roads.

What does that mean for our local municipalities?

  • Black Diamond: $494,157
  • High River: $2,227,222
  • Longview: $171,114
  • MD of Foothills: $4,293,152
  • Okotoks: $4,596,284
  • Redwood Meadows: $281,501
  • Turner Valley: $468,032