Province Boosts Support for Families and Communities

Funding for Family and Community Support Services programs that help strengthen communities will increase by $10 million. 

“Our government committed to increasing FCSS program funding to meet the changing and expanding needs of children, families and seniors across the province. Albertans rely on these programs to support their well-being and strengthen our communities. ”

Irfan Sabir, Minister of Human Services

Funding for FCSS now totals $86 million. Approximately $7.5 million will be distributed to all participating municipalities and Métis Settlements. In addition, the remaining $2.5 million will be distributed to the communities that have experienced substantial population growth.

FCSS has been in Alberta for almost 50 years and offers a range of community-based programs and services that are preventive and enhance social well-being, such as support groups, youth mentors, home support and outreach services for seniors. FCSS programs help improve Albertans’ quality of life and their ability to prevent or deal with crisis situations.

“On behalf of the FCSS programs across the province, I would like to thank the Alberta government for the increase in funding. The preventive social services that FCSS programs provide to communities across this province will be enhanced as a result of this additional investment. Programs across Alberta will be better positioned to achieve outcomes that will strengthen all Albertans.”

Jeff Carlson, President of FCSS Association of Alberta.

Quick Facts:

  • 319 municipalities and Métis settlements receive FCSS grants.
  • The Government of Alberta provides 80 per cent of funding, with the participating municipality or Métis Settlement providing the remaining 20 per cent.
  • Many programs are delivered through partnerships with volunteers, local businesses and other agencies.
  • In addition to FCSS funding, Human Services invests another $298 million in prevention and early intervention supports for families and children.
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