Province and Municipalities Taking Action on Climate Change

A provincial funding boost for the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre will help local governments further reduce their carbon footprint, create jobs, and lower energy bills.

Today the Government of Alberta announced a $2 million investment in energy efficiency and conservation initiatives led by local governments.

“Municipalities are on the frontline of climate change. Supporting local governments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not only good for the environment, it also creates good local jobs and reduces energy costs for taxpayers. This in turn frees up more resources for investments in the priorities of Alberta families.”

~ Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

“AUMA is grateful to the province for this increase in funding to the MCCAC program. Through this program, municipalities will continue to play a significant role in assisting the province with achieving its targets in environmental stewardship.”

~ Helen Rice, President, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

“The funding for this remarkable partnership between the two municipal associations and the province is welcome news. These new dollars will allow municipalities to set the bar on environmental stewardship that much higher and continue to lead their communities by example.”

~ Al Kemmere, President, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

The Action Centre is a resource hub that offers education and funding support to all Alberta municipalities.

Recent initiatives supported by the Centre are helping achieve:

  • a 13-per-cent reduction in energy consumption by the Town of Beaumont through efficiency retrofits to the community’s town hall, fire hall and RCMP detachment;
  • a nearly 400-tonne greenhouse gas emission reduction by the City of Calgary through retrofits to three facilities, for an overall annual savings of $67,000; and
  • a 55-tonne reduction and $9,000 in annual savings by the City of Edmonton through the installation of solar panels at six community leagues.