Providing Emergency Aid for Homeless / In-Crisis Female Veterans: VETS Canada Partners with True Patriot Love Foundation

Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (VETS Canada) is pleased to announce the roll out of the VETS Canada / True Patriot Love Captain Nichola Goddard Support Initiative for Female Veterans in Crisis. These funds, provided by national charity True Patriot Love Foundation, will be used to augment VETS Canada’s capacity to provide emergency aid for an increasing number of in-crisis and/or homeless female Veterans from coast to coast.

Although VETS Canada provides services for both men and women, female Veterans typically present with unique situations and needs that require a specialized approach. “The women in crisis whom we assist face an array of difficulties that our male Veterans often don’t, such as psychological and physical damages caused by Military Sexual Trauma, domestic/intimate partner violence, and the stresses associated with being the primary caregiver of dependents,” notes Debbie Lowther, VETS Canada Co-Founder & Chair. “These Veterans are often dealing with such issues on top of general financial difficulties and/or service-related injuries. We thank the True Patriot Love Foundation; which allows us to better serve these women in need.”

“It was an honour to launch the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund last year at the request of the Goddard family,” says Bronwen Evans, CEO of True Patriot Love. “Nichola lived her life with honour, bravery and love for her country. We’re proud to carry on her legacy by supporting female soldiers, Veterans and their families across Canada.”

As part of this initiative, VETS Canada will also work with ‘change-making’ women / female Veterans from across the country to develop a promising practice guide for supporting homeless/in-crisis female Veterans.

About VETS Canada

VETS Canada, a national charity and service provider of Veterans Affairs Canada, is the largest 24/7 Canadian organization dedicated to addressing the emergency needs of homeless and in-crisis Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP. Our hundreds of dedicated volunteers (primarily Veterans or still-serving military members) have relied on a unique model of peer support to provide life-saving aid in response to thousands of requests for assistance since 2010. It is our firm belief that no Veteran who served to protect our homes should ever be without one. Learn more at

About True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love Foundation (TPL) is a national charity dedicated to providing Canadian military and Veteran families with the support they need and the hope they deserve. Since 2009, TPL has provided $25 million to fund innovative research and support 750 community-based programs across the country. By addressing the unique challenges resulting from military service including mental health, physical rehabilitation, transitioning to civilian life, and the special needs of children, TPL has helped change the lives of more than 25,000 military families. For more information, visit

About the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund

True Patriot Love’s Captain Nichola Goddard Fund provides national funding to directly benefit community programs that support servicewomen, female Veterans, and their families, which help address the unique challenges related to military life.

Captain Nichola Goddard was killed at age 26 during an ambush west of Kandahar city on May 17, 2006. While she will always be remembered as the first female Canadian soldier to die in a combat role, she has also become a symbol of the leadership, strength and courage of Canada.

 Community members and organizations interested in supporting homeless / in-crisis female Veterans can donate at: