Protecting Parental Choice, Improving Standards Highlight Jean’s Policy for Education

Protecting Parental Choice, Improving Standards Highlight Jean’s Policy for Education

CALGARY, AB: Protecting parental choice, improving standards and accountability, and improving outcomes for students in core subjects like math and english highlight Jean’s policy to improve the education system.

The policy, Here for Education, was released today in Calgary. The full policy can be read online here.

“Albertans have watched the NDP focus more on experiments and ideology in our classrooms instead of doing what’s best for our students,” Jean said. “Performance standards are down. Parents have lost the trust of the NDP to manage the curriculum review without imposing their ideology, and we are seeing the erosion of the standards, transparency, and choice Alberta families have benefitted from. I believe our students deserve better and our vision for the education system will make Alberta once again a world leader in education.”

Recent international test scores in math show that Alberta students continue to fall behind the Canadian average.

Jean’s plan to strengthen Alberta’s education system includes a commitment to:

  • Retain parents as the primary educators of their children by allowing the choice of what education their children receive;

  • Get back to basics in mathematics at an early age;

  • Improve financial, historical and energy literacy; and

  • Restore Provincial Achievement Tests in grade 3, and keep them in grades 6 and 9 so parents and educators have a better sense of how students are developing against an objective standard.

Jean’s plan would also provide classroom support in order to ensure Alberta’s teachers are not overwhelmed by the diversity of needs in a classroom. Students would be properly assessed and special learning needs identified as early as possible.

“Commitment to diversity and choice in Alberta’s education system will ensure success for students,” Jean said. “ Only our vision will guarantee parental choice, high standards, a strong basic curriculum and an educational system that’s here for Albertans.”