Protecting Families from Rising Dental Costs

The government will create a public dental fee guide to give Albertans the information they need to protect their pocket books when making decisions about their dental health.

A dental fee review has confirmed that prices in Alberta are higher and growing faster than anywhere else in Canada. The review included an analysis of low, average and high fees for the most common dental procedures performed in Alberta today. This list will let Albertans compare prices and shop around for services that fit their needs.

“We are empowering families with the information they need when accessing dental services and this is just the first step we are taking. We are partnering with the Alberta Dental Association and College to further protect consumers by introducing a public fee guide similar to those found in every other province. Work is also underway to close gaps in government programs for vulnerable Albertans and to help families understand their rights as dental consumers.”

Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health


“Hearing this news today is a step in the right direction to improving access to dental care for Albertans. I was fortunate to be able to access the School of Dentistry’s services over the last four years to ensure my dental needs were met at a reasonable cost.”

Ambrose Blum, School of Dentistry patient


In addition to the fee report and a new public fee guide, the Minister of Health has asked the Alberta Dental College and Association to:

  • submit a plan outlining strategies to continue growing public confidence in the profession.
  • identify solutions that address concerns and confusion about dentists’ advertising guidelines.


“The Alberta Dental Association and College accepts the dental fee review established by the Minister of Health. We look forward to continuing to work with the government to make this a document that will best serve Albertans and Dentists alike.”

Dr. Allan Graas, President, Alberta Dental Association and College


“The School of Dentistry’s mandate is to educate students to become socially responsible, compassionate healthcare practitioners, and in doing so, we provide access to care to the citizens of Alberta. In partnership with the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Dental Association & College, we are pleased to be part of improving how Albertans access dental services.”

Dr. Paul Major, Chair, School of Dentistry, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


“Employers and the 1.8 million Albertans on dental plans that work for them are clearly concerned about the high cost of dental treatments in the province. We are pleased that the Government of Alberta has listened to these concerns and is responding with information to allow consumers to make an informed choice. We look forward to further collaboration on this important issue.”

Frank Swedlove, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. President and CEO