Protecting Communities from Illicit Drugs: Minister Schweitzer

Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Doug Schweitzer issued the following statement on the shuttering of three drug houses by the Alberta Sheriffs this week:

“Illicit drugs are a scourge that plague our communities and harm Albertans – from the violence perpetrated by the criminals who sell them to the crimes committed by those under their influence. Our government is committed to helping people get off drugs while ensuring those who traffic in misery face the consequences.

“We are ensuring our communities are safe, secure and protected by providing law enforcement agencies the tools and resources they need to investigate, disrupt and dismantle groups that prey on vulnerable Albertans by selling illicit drugs.

“Too often, law-abiding Albertans become collateral damage when drug activity brings violence, property crime and health hazards to their doorsteps. The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit of the Alberta Sheriffs helps people take back their streets by investigating properties used for criminal activity and obtaining court orders to shut them down.

“This week, the SCAN unit shut down three drug houses – two in Calgary and one in Edmonton. Thanks to the work of SCAN investigators, people in three neighbourhoods are safer today and sleeping more soundly at night. The SCAN unit plays a vital role in keeping Albertans safe, secure and protected in their homes, and I thank them for their tireless efforts.”