Protecting Alberta Taxpayers: Wildrose MLAs Sign No New Taxes Pledge


EDMONTON, AB – While the Prentice PCs are talking about raising job-killing taxes during a time of economic uncertainty, Wildrose MLAs are signing a pledge today to protect Alberta taxpayers from any new tax or increase to existing taxes proposed by the PC government.

Wildrose - Faithful Five(The Wildrose) pledge is the first of several Protecting Alberta Taxpayers announcements to be made by the Wildrose party. MLAs Heather Forsyth, Shayne Saskiw, Drew Barnes, Rick Strankman and Pat Stier were joined by other Wildrose candidates for the No New Tax pledge signing in Edmonton.

Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said (this week’s) announcement marks a commitment by the Wildrose to oppose any new taxes, and instead propose to put the tools in place to spur economic growth, protect jobs and create prosperity.

“The worst thing you can do during a time of economic uncertainty is to raise taxes and ask Albertans to pay more out-of-pocket for a government that spends too much, wastes too much and fails to live within its means,” Forsyth said. “While the PCs and other parties are trying to find ways to raise your taxes, only the Wildrose is taking the tax talk off the table. We recognize there are difficult decisions that have to be made, but raising taxes should not be one of them.”

Despite promises of no tax increases just months ago, the Prentice PCs are now talking about raising income taxes, sales taxes, sugar taxes, gas taxes, health care premiums, sin taxes and taxes on just about anything else in order to pay for years of PC waste and mismanagement.

Forsyth said Prentice’s damaging tax talk is hurting the economy, but Albertans can rest assured the Wildrose will fight to protect the economy and keep taxes low.

“We know the record of the PCs and Mr. Prentice is marked by broken promises, wasteful spending and mismanagement,” Forsyth said. “The government must be held to account for its spending priorities and your Wildrose candidates are committed to doing this important job.”

In conjunction with the launch of the Protecting Alberta Taxpayers initiative and today’s pledge signing, the Wildrose has created a petition where Albertans can sign up to tell the PC government, “No New Taxes.”

The petition can be found online here:

The full text of Forsyth’s speech can be found here: