Property Assessors Coming to your Neighbourhood


High River, AB: The Town’s Property Assessment Department will be conducting an updated review of all High River’s property inventory, including the value of buildings and land, starting in April.

KCL Consulting Inc. has been contracted to assist the Town with this process. They will begin the review next month and will take approximately two years to complete the reassessment of every residential and non-residential property in each respective taxation area for property tax purposes.

In accordance with the Provincial legislation and mandate, the Town’s Assessment Department is responsible for keeping values current, accurate and equitable for property tax purposes.

As part of the process, assessors will be completing the following services for residential properties:

·        Re-inspecting all properties

·        Re-measuring all properties. This will involve taking exterior measurements.

·        Taking exterior photographs of the front and back of the property.

·        Interior inspections; if possible, a walk-through with the property owner to review assessment.

·        Collection of current contact information for our tax/utility system, i.e.: cell or landline numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses.

Assessors will be completing all of the above services for non-residential properties, as well as:

·        Collection of income and expense information to apply in the Income Approach Value

·        Collection of building costs to apply towards the Cost Approach to Value.

Assessors will leave contact information in the form of a door hanger, business card or letter at the property if no one is home. Property owners who would like to provide feedback or details about their property after an assessor has visited can call (587) 777-8171 or email

Residents or property owners who have questions or concerns regarding this assessment review process, can contact Paul Milligan or Suzanne Roy at (403) 652-2110 or email