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Promoting Alberta’s Natural Gas: Associate Minister Nally

Associate Minister of Natural Gas Dale Nally issued the following statement on his recent visit to Asia:

“Last week, I met with leaders across government and industry in Japan and South Korea to share one message: Alberta is open for business and is a place the world can turn to for a source of clean, secure, and ethically sourced energy.

“Foreign investors are concerned about global energy security, and I am confident our message was well received. Alberta’s natural gas reserves and production are, and will continue to be, a reliable source of energy for Asian markets.

“Our team met with individuals who expressed interest in our oil and gas sector across the value chain. From crude oil and the Trans Mountain pipeline to natural gas, propane and petrochemicals, the Japanese and Korean markets show great potential for investment in our energy sector.

“I also had the opportunity to visit two of the largest facilities that could import Alberta natural gas in both Japan and Korea: the Tokyo Gas LNG Import Facility in Sodeguara and the KOGAS LNG Terminal in Incheon. Shipping Alberta’s natural gas to facilities like these is a critical piece of our government’s plan to revitalize Alberta’s natural gas industry, and is a key commitment of my mandate. This will ultimately help break the cycle of low natural gas prices, ensuring that Albertans receive competitive value for our resources.

“By reaffirming our reputation as a great place to invest across our energy sector, we are building on our commitments to get our economy back on track and get Albertans back to work.”

Promoting Alberta’s Natural Gas: Associate Minister Nally

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