Progressive Conservative Caucus disappointed with partisan behavior by new government

Edmonton, AB – In response to an NDP MLA claiming he has already been chosen as legislature Speaker, Interim PC Leader Ric McIver expressed his Caucus’ disappointment with the blatant lack of regard for the traditions and history of the legislature.

“The election of the Speaker is a long standing parliamentary tradition that should not be swayed by partisan interests. For a party that campaigned on transparency and independence of their members, it is certainly eyebrow raising that the Legislature is not yet in session and the new Premier is already whipping votes,” McIver said.

“The speaker is in effect the referee in the house. Having the position chosen by only one party is very poor start to the 29th Legislature of Alberta. As elected officials it is a privilege to sit in the Alberta Legislature and participate in the long standing parliamentary procedures that have guided this province for over 100 years. My Caucus looks forward to the independent vote for the new Speaker, and to hearing from all the candidates who are putting their name forward for this important role. I call on the new Premier to correct this serious breach by disqualifying the MLA claiming to have already won and by holding a free vote in the house.”