Products You Can Not Bring Back into Canada

Planning a trip outside of Canada? Will you be bringing back souvenirs and other consumer products? Some products may be prohibited in Canada and subject to being detained at the border.

Prepare yourself before you go. Be aware of consumer products that have safety requirements. Many of these Canadian safety requirements are stricter than other countries.

Are you currently living abroad and planning a return to Canada? Planning on moving to Canada? Make sure that you are not bringing consumer products that have either been prohibited and/or are regulated in Canada. These items may be subject to being detained at the border.

Prohibited Products

The following is a partial list of consumer products that are banned in Canada and subject to being detained at the border:

  • Baby walkers;
  • Infant self-feeding devices – structural devices to position feeding bottles, which allow babies to feed themselves while unattended;
  • Yoyo balls – pose a risk of strangulation;
  • Balloon blowing kits – that contain a poisonous organic solvent;
  • Re-light candles – candles that re-light spontaneously once extinguished;
  • Jequirity beans – including items containing these poisonous beans; and,
  • Lawn darts with elongated tips.

Did you know?

Baby walkers have been prohibited in Canada since April 7, 2004. It is illegal to import, advertise for sale, or sell baby walkers in Canada. It is also illegal to sell baby walkers at garage sales, flea markets, or on street corners. If you have one, destroy it so it cannot be used again and throw it away.

A full list of products that are prohibited under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act is provided in Canada Consumer Product Safety Act Quick Reference Guide – 2011.

(Source: Health Canada)