Preventing Violence Doesn’t Need to Involve Heroics

Preventing Violence Doesn’t Need to Involve Heroics

Learn simple ways to take action against gender-based violence every day

Rowan House is calling on schools, sports teams, youth clubs, businesses and community organizations to make a difference for those living with violence.

We are now accepting bookings for our new Leading Change presentations that discuss what gender-based violence is and how to recognize it, the role masculinity plays in society, and simple actions anyone can take to become a leader.

Our goal is to further encourage men and boys, or any bystander, to use their voice to stand along-side women and girls to both prevent and end gender-based violence.

Presentations are 75-90 minutes long and are geared toward youth aged 12-18 and adults.

To book your presentation or get more information, please call our Preventative Education Facilitator at 403-603-5996 or email them