Prentice’s ‘School Construction’ Nothing But Empty Fields


1052347_806382616103752_4223559177425824903_oEDMONTON, AB – Barren, empty lots remain, in places where Premier Jim Prentice says new school construction is already underway, the Wildrose Official Opposition announced.

Wildrose released photographs Wednesday revealing how there is not a single shovel in the ground on any of the ‘Phase 2’ schools listed as under construction in Edmonton. Similarly, at the Auburn Bay site in Calgary lies nothing but grass and a $10,000 ‘Building Alberta’ sign.

The photographs were taken on March 11, 2015, one day after the Premier boasted in the Legislature that the schools are “under construction.”

Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said when Albertans hear “construction” they expect shovels, hammers and nail guns, not empty fields.

“Albertans know what construction looks like, but I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in this government does. Not a single one of these seven school sites has a shovel in the ground–not even close–and these are only the ones we’ve checked on,” Forsyth said. “It’s clear the latest school update is nothing more than PC electioneering and broken promises. I’m deeply troubled by his brazen and crass attitude toward Albertans.”

The photographs follow news the PC government will only complete one of the 120 new school projects it promised to deliver last election and reports of confusion among school boards who are giving different timelines on construction deadlines.

Wildrose Infrastructure Critic Pat Stier said Albertans are growing tired of PC broken promises on school construction.

“We can’t trust this Premier to do the right thing with our infrastructure, whether it’s in health care, transportation or education,” Stier said. “This government is still claiming many of these schools will be delivered by 2016 when it just won’t happen. This is more of the same electioneering this government’s known for, but what’s worse is our teachers are struggling to support students in sub-standard facilities and our young people are paying the price for it.”