Prentice Pays Tens of Thousands on Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Ad


EDMONTON, AB (March 20, 2015): While Albertans are worried about the economy, spending $80,000 of taxpayer dollars on a pre-election campaign ad is just the latest case of misguided PC priorities, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Premier Jim Prentice has warned Albertans that everyone will feel “pain” in the upcoming budget, and has blamed Albertans for the current financial crisis facing the province. Despite the tough talk, Prentice is rolling out a taxpayer-funded, campaign-style ad on the eve of an election call.

“The Premier can call a press conference, go on a radio show, be interviewed on any television show and has the entire Public Affairs Bureau to get his message out to Albertans,” Saskiw said. “Spending tens of thousands on a campaign ad when Albertans are hurting and losing their jobs isn’t right and it’s just more of the same from this out-of-touch PC government.”

The Wildrose rejected an offer to have tax dollars spent on a recording to respond to the Premier’s speech, saying that it’s wrong that when thousands of Albertans are losing their jobs the government is electioneering with taxpayer money.

“The Wildrose has always believed in protecting taxpayers from this type of waste in government,” Saskiw said. “We will continue to tell Albertans about our positive message of not increasing taxes, shrinking the size of government and growing the economy – without charging taxpayers with the bill.”