Prentice Meets with Leadership Candidates

(Edmonton) Premier designate Jim Prentice met Sunday with Thomas Lukaszuk and Ric McIver to acknowledge their campaign efforts and discuss ways to move the party forward.

“There is absolutely nothing easy about leadership campaigns, and both these men worked extremely hard this summer,” said Prentice of Lukaszuk and McIver. “I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to share my summer with them on the campaign trail, and I am looking forward to working together with them, and the entire caucus, to unite the party and move into a new era for Alberta.”

During their meetings, both Lukaszuk and McIver exchanged ideas with Prentice and discussed a common vision for the party and a return to good government.

“As leader, I will ask every volunteer who has worked on all of our campaigns to join with me in rebuilding our party,” said Prentice. “In my 40 years in this party I have never seen such a talented group of young volunteers, and I am excited about the next generation of the Progressive Conservative party.”

Prentice will work with members of caucus to lead a new Progressive Conservative government that is focused on the issues that matter to Albertans. Working together, Alberta can achieve great things.