Prentice to Introduce Accountability Act and Term Limits

Edmonton – PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice committed to introducing an Accountability Act as one of his first actions if elected as leader, during a speech at his campaign headquarters this afternoon.

“I have previously committed that the first Bill that my government will introduce will be a Bill to protect the property rights of our citizens, the second bill will be an Accountability Act that will codify my commitment to Albertans,” said Prentice. “I will put in place – and enforce – new rules to ensure the highest ethical standards and accountability among those who serve the public.”

Jim Prentice outlined his plan to introduce term limits for provincial politicians that will be grandfathered in; three terms for MLAs and two terms for the Premier. This will be the first legislation of its kind anywhere in Canada. He will also increase cooling off periods for Ministerial staff and public service employees, and eliminate automatic severances.

“Albertans are tired of political distractions; they want a return to good government,” said Prentice. “We need new leadership from someone who wasn’t at the cabinet table who will deliver the kind of government
that Albertans want and deserve.”

Prentice reiterated his commitment to sound, conservative fiscal principles. He made clear that as Premier he will treat the public treasury with care and common sense, starting with a reduction in the size of cabinet.

Moving into the final weeks of his campaign, Prentice will continue traveling across the province speaking with Albertans about the importance of a government that reflects their values, shares their hopes and understands
where the world is heading – and how Alberta can make the most of its domestic and global opportunities, in energy and in other important industries.