Prentice Government to Review Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Premier Jim Prentice today announced that government will, as promised, begin a review of all agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs) to ensure they are performing for Albertans.

Premier Prentice has committed to merit-based appointments to ensure the right people are in the right jobs in all organizations associated with the Government of Alberta.

The 52 agencies reporting directly to government and the 142 ABCs under the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act will be reviewed in each of the following areas:

  • governance
  • director appointment processes
  • president/CEO assessment processes and succession planning
  • risk management strategies; and,
  • conflict-of-interest policies.

“Agencies, boards and commissions play a huge role in the success of any government. I am committed to strong public agency board governance, accountability and transparency.”

~ Jim Prentice, Premier

The first phase will be a governance review of the key financial institutions whose financial performance is critical to Albertans. Good governance is essential to sound financial performance. These include:

  • Alberta Treasury Branches ($37.7 billion in assets)
  • Alberta Capital Finance Authority ($14.4 billion in assets)
  • Agriculture Financial Services ($4 billion in assets)
  • Alberta Investment Management Corporation (managing a portfolio of $87 billion in financial assets)

Premier Prentice has asked three Albertans with extensive knowledge in board governance of financial institutions – Hugh Bolton, Linda Hohol and Larry Pollock – to participate in this specific governance review. All have agreed to accept $1 a year for their services.

This first round of reviews will be completed within two months.

Given the large number of entities, attention will be next directed to the remainder of the 52 agencies that report directly to government.

“Under my leadership, your government will ensure the best Albertan for the job is appointed. Political party affiliation is not a relevant consideration.”

~ Jim Prentice, Premier

ABCs are established by the government to fulfill a range of services and functions including: provision of health care, social services, services for children, corporate enterprises, regulatory oversight, post-secondary education and advice to the government.