Prentice Continues to Play Politics with New Schools


EDMONTON, AB – Premier Jim Prentice is using taxpayer resources to re-announce a backlog of new school promises that his government has already missed the deadline on, the Wildrose Official Opposition said (yesterday).

The PC government made yet another campaign-style re-announcement Tuesday to build new schools.  The announcements are a repeat of former Premier Alison Redford’s big promises to build 50 schools during the 2012 election, as well as the third batch of schools, announced last October during the by-elections. Several of the schools announced during the second phase will not be built on time.

“The government can make all the re-announcements it wants, it doesn’t change the fact we still have no shovels in the ground on virtually any of these new school projects. Just empty fields and signs,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “It’s unacceptable that like his predecessor Mr. Prentice is playing politics with new schools for our kids. After years of broken promises, this government’s credibility is lost when it comes to new school construction.”

Wildrose Infrastructure Critic Pat Stier said Prentice is simply using this as another opportunity to electioneer with taxpayer dollars. He said the government has failed to deliver on new school promises for years and these recent announcements indicate that won’t change.

“Prentice has very little remorse when it comes to campaigning with Albertans’ money. Most of the projects he’s taking credit for were schools that had been announced way back when Stelmach was in charge, and only one school of the 50 announced by Redford has actually been completed,” Stier said. “The government couldn’t get any schools built when cash was rolling in and resource revenues were high. There’s absolutely no reason for Albertans to believe it will now.”