Premiers Commit to Apprentice Mobility

summer_meeting_nfl_2015_logoST. JOHN’S – Canada’s Premiers today signed a Protocol that will facilitate the mobility of apprentices across Canada. The Protocol will enable mutual recognition of technical training, work experience, and examination results for apprentices moving between provinces and territories in Canada.

By 2016, the training and hours successfully completed by apprentices in one jurisdiction will be recognized by all other jurisdictions across Canada.

This Premier-led development will help to strengthen and modernize internal trade in Canada. The freer flow of goods, services, and people across Canada will help create the conditions for enhanced economic growth across the country. Reducing labour mobility barriers – including apprentice mobility barriers – will support major projects in every jurisdiction and help to build a skilled domestic workforce.

Across Canada there are approximately 350,000 apprentices and close to 100,000 apprentices enter the system every year. The Protocol will enable apprentices to pursue jobs anywhere in the country, helping to maximize Canada’s economic potential.

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