Premiers Back Key Parts of Alberta’s Fair Deal Plan

Premiers Back Key Parts of Alberta’s Fair Deal Plan

All of Canada’s Premiers back key aspects of Alberta’s fair deal plan.

Premiers Back Key Parts of Alberta’s Fair Deal Plan

This includes support for retroactive reform of the Fiscal Stabilization Program and changes to the new federal Environmental Impact Act (Bill C-69).

The Premiers agreed the Fiscal Stabilization Program must be strengthened to make it more responsive to economic downturns in resource markets. The agreement came at an extraordinary Council of the Federation meeting in Toronto that was called in the wake of the recent federal election.

The group called for the removal of the per capital equalization cap that prevents Alberta from receiving full payments following sudden declines in revenue. This would add a $1.7-billion retroactive payment going back to 2015-16.

“I am very happy with the progress that we made in our fight for fairness. Just as Alberta has been there to financially support other regions through tough times, the united voice of Premiers across the country is supporting Alberta as we work to bring jobs and investment back to Canada, and secure a fair deal for Albertans.”Jason Kenney, Premier

Discussions at the Council of the Federation meetings in Toronto focused on subjects vital to Alberta’s economic success and growth, such as streamlining resource project assessments in the federal Environmental Impact Act and getting our energy products to market to expand international trade opportunities.

“Through these meetings, the provinces and territories of Canada have shown we’re willing to stand together on the issues that matter most to Canadians. It’s time for the federal government to step up and show that it’s listening.”Jason Kenney, Premier

The Council of the Federation, created in 2003, comprises all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers. It promotes provincial-territorial cooperation and closer ties between members, and fosters meaningful relations between governments.