Premier thanks John Baird for his service

Premier Jim Prentice issued the following statement following the resignation of John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs with the Government of Canada:

“On behalf of Albertans, I would like to thank Minister Baird for all he has done for Canada – at home and around the world.

“John has always fought for what he believes in and has never been afraid to speak up for what is right. He has an admirable record as an elected official, starting at a very young age as an Ontario cabinet minister and continuing through to some of the most critical portfolios within the federal cabinet. For years, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to meet a high standard of performance as a busy and high-profile minister, all the while remaining grounded and in tune with the needs of his constituents as his first priority.

“It was a privilege to witness first-hand the great energy, conviction and integrity he brought to public life. I worked with John for 10 years and he always strongly defended Canada’s and Alberta’s interests.

“I’m honoured to have been his colleague, and pleased he will remain a friend as he exits the political stage.

“I wish John all the best in his future endeavours.”