Premier Reverses Decision to Close Calgary Young Offender Centre

Young offenders in Calgary and southern Alberta will stay in custody in Calgary to receive rehabilitative education services.

Alberta’s new government is reversing the decision to close the Calgary Young Offender Centre. As a result, the centre will keep youth from Calgary and southern Alberta at the centre instead of moving them to the Edmonton Young Offender Centre.

“We are working on the newest chapter in the story of our province. This includes making common-sense decisions, and reversing the closure of the Calgary Young Offender Centre is one such example.”

~ Rachel Notley, Premier

Reopening the Calgary Young Offender Centre will ensure local young offenders have access to necessary rehabilitative and custody services, while remaining close to their families. As an essential community service, the centre’s programs and services assist young offenders from Calgary and southern Alberta in getting their lives back on track.

“The decision to keep the centre open means youth can continue to access the support they need closer to home. Youth can remain close to their families and their support network, and better prepare to be a positive influence in their community.”

~ Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, and Minister of Aboriginal Relations

Reversing the decision was a commitment made during the election. The Calgary Young Offender Centre will reopen over the coming weeks as youth are moved back to Calgary based on court dates and as staffing arrangements are made.