Premier Prentice Comments on Market Access Developments

Premier Jim Prentice issued the following statement regarding the adoption of the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) Implementing Measures (IMs) and the National Energy Board announcement regarding Enbridge’s Line 9B Reversal and Line 9 Capacity Expansion Project (Line 9).

line_9_reversal_pipeline_map-850x459“Today’s developments are positive steps towards getting Alberta oil to the world. We are seeing results in our efforts to remove barriers and ensure that market access and global prices are achieved.

“Alberta has long advocated that international efforts to reduce global emissions be achieved using a fair and scientifically-based approach. Today, with the adoption of the European Commission’s implementing measures, we know our message has been heard.

“Our government has worked closely with many partners to share Alberta’s story. I would particularly like to thank the Government of Canada for their work on this initiative.  For the next two years, as the member states work to implement the measures, we will continue our work in Europe and around the world to share the facts about our oil sands and our commitment to the responsible development of our resources.

“We are exploring all options that advance our goal of diversifying markets. The National Energy Board Line 9 announcement is a positive step toward getting both Alberta oil to new markets and improving the domestic supply of oil to Canadian refineries. It’s a win-win for Western and Eastern Canada.

“In this low price environment, it is more important than ever to continue improving market access to achieve the highest possible price for Canadian energy resources. I will continue to advocate within Canada and internationally on the significance of producing and transporting oil as safely, sustainably and responsibly as possible.”