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Premier Notley to meet with Prime Minister on February 3


Premier Rachel Notley will meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Edmonton on February 3.

The two plan to focus their discussion on the economy and what can be done to manage the economic challenges Alberta is currently facing. Agenda items include jobs and the economy, market access for Alberta’s energy products and climate change.

“We are always looking for solutions to the economic challenges Alberta is facing. Alberta is a resilient province with an incredible entrepreneurial spirit  and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to sit down with the Prime Minister to discuss how our two levels of government can work together to support that resiliency and work through this downturn. Working respectfully and constructively with the federal government and other provinces will allow us to move forward on issues that are important to Alberta’s economy, and the economy of Canada.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

The Prime Minister plans to make stops in both Edmonton and Calgary over the course of his visit.

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