Premier Notley and Minister Ganley issue statement on completion of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Premier Rachel Notley and Aboriginal Relations Minister Kathleen Ganley issued the following statement on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

“The Government of Alberta respects the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to bring light to a dark chapter in Canadian history.

“The work of the commission and its members opened the door for thousands of survivors to speak the truth about their experiences in residential school and begin their healing journey.

“The commission’s final report will be a great legacy to all Canadians. The report will have the power to repair and heal a profoundly damaging past and to create greater understanding and empathy towards Aboriginal people.

“We will work to build a stronger relationship between Aboriginal Albertans and other Albertans, a relationship founded on mutual respect, empathy and the desire to create a brighter future for our children.”

~ Rachel Notley, Premier

“Thanks to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and the thousands of courageous participants who shared their tragic stories, Albertans better understand the impact of Indian residential schools.

“Reconciliation can help heal the wounds of history. In that spirit, Alberta commits that all Alberta students will learn about the history and legacy of residential schools, along with the histories and vibrant cultures of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples to build a better, more understanding Alberta.

“Alberta looks forward to working with Aboriginal leaders and Elders on ways we can improve the representation of Indigenous culture and history in Alberta’s school curriculum.”

~ Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Aboriginal Relations