Premier, Minister Aheer Meet with Anti-racism Council

Premier, Minister Aheer Meet with Anti-racism Council

Premier Kenney and Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Leela Sharon Aheer met with the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council on Feb. 13 to discuss multiculturalism and inclusion.

The Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council meet with Premier Jason Kenney and Minister Leela Sharon Aheer in Edmonton.

The council is composed of 24 community leaders from across the province, representing a variety of faiths and cultures. The council’s mandate focuses on anti-racism and on the broader priorities of multiculturalism and inclusion.

“Albertans are welcoming and generous people who embrace diversity. Alberta is a great success in achieving unity in our diversity, but we can’t take that success for granted. We need to continue combatting racism and other forms of hatred. I’m looking forward to getting practical input from the Anti-Racism Advisory Council on how to do so.”Jason Kenney, Premier

Premier Kenney, Minister Aheer and council members discussed strategies to inspire Albertans to see the value of diversity. The council seeks to ensure that all Albertans fully participate in the economic and social fabric of their communities and are valued for their contributions.

“The advice of the Anti-Racism Advisory Council will influence our approach in creating a cohesive and inclusive Alberta that celebrates its diversity. I am grateful we can rely on the experience and expertise of the council members to shape an Alberta that is free from racism and discrimination and where all Albertans feel secure, valued and engaged.”Leela Sharon Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

“It is heartening that the Alberta government continues to uphold their commitment to take action against racism. Articulating tangible actions towards anti-racism is fundamental to Alberta’s economic growth, prosperity, and future. I remain honoured to share the leadership of the council and their work that ensures all Albertans have the opportunity to thrive.”Heather Campbell, co-chair, Anti-Racism Advisory Council

“Tackling racism is a long-term process. Albertans have told us that they want to see better ways of recognizing foreign credentials, teaching respect and acceptance in our classrooms, preventing hate crimes and reflecting diversity in government. We are pleased to meet again as a council to work together on these priority actions to achieve racial equity and inclusion.”Lucenia Ortiz, co-chair, Anti-Racism Advisory Council