Premier Enlists Financial Expert for Advice on Capital Plan


David Dodge, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, will provide advice to guide the development of a new plan to meet Alberta’s infrastructure needs.

“Investment in public infrastructure is foundational to the success of Alberta’s families and communities. As this government develops a plan to build the schools, hospitals and roads Albertans need, it’s critical that we examine all the factors that will impact what we need to do – population growth, the state of the economy, capacity in the construction industry and financing options. We need to get this right, and we are turning to the experts to ensure we do.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

Dodge, now Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP in Ottawa, will provide advice that will help government create the new capital plan.

In particular, he will focus on:

  • the overall size of the capital plan, with consideration to spending already underway or planned, as well as the availability of labour and the potential impacts of inflation;
  • the appropriate mix of capital investment to support delivering services to Albertans while supporting long-term growth through better infrastructure; and
  • approaches to financing the capital plan in the current economic environment.

“There are many reasons why Alberta must continue to build capital, not the least of which is to address the infrastructure needs of the many people and families who have moved to the province. Investment in infrastructure is crucial to future economic growth, and I look forward to providing advice to the new government as they create a capital plan that will serve Albertans for the long term.”

David Dodge, Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP, Ottawa

“I look forward to working with Mr. Dodge and receiving his advice as we move forward with keeping our promise to invest in the projects that make life better for Alberta families.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure

Dodge’s report is expected at the end of summer. The recommendations will inform the development of Alberta’s capital plan, which will be released with the new budget this fall.