Premier Couillard Welcomes Alberta’s New Premier, Rachel Notley

Today, the Premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard, welcomed Alberta’s new Premier, Rachel Notley.
This first visit to Québec marks her first interactions with her provincial and territorial counterparts since she was elected head of the Government of Alberta on May 5. Their discussions focused on climate change and energy in particular.

“This first bilateral meeting marks the beginning of a new era in our relations with Alberta. It is already clear that Alberta’s new government is strongly interested in Québec’s initiatives to fight climate change. I am convinced that we have found a new ally in Ms. Notley,” said Premier Couillard.

“Alberta and Quebec have a close and long-standing relationship that I am pleased to renew and build on today. In particular, today’s governments in our two provinces share a determination as allies and partners to address environmental issues effectively and in concert. We also share an equally strong determination to promote jobs and prosperity. I believe an environmentally-responsible energy industry will be a centrepiece of future growth across the country,” said Premier Notley.

Premier Notley announced that Alberta endorses the Declaration of the premiers of Canada on climate change. This Declaration was made public on April 14 during the Summit on Climate Change in Québec.

The Premier of Québec also agreed to travel to Alberta next fall. He will lead a delegation of business people specializing in the field of green technologies.

The two premiers also discussed carbon exchange pricing and the Energy East project, and recognized their importance for both governments.