Precautionary advisory lifted for Little Bow River

Repeated testing results have indicated no risk to health from Little Bow River northeast of Carmangay.
On Wednesday, July 15, approximately 9,800 litres of urea ammonium nitrate, a commonly-used liquid agricultural fertilizer solution, was released from a container on private property. The release occurred near the Little Bow River on land northeast of Carmangay in Vulcan County.

Alberta Environment and Parks and the Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency have been routinely sampling water from various points along the Little Bow River and the Travers Reservoir to determine potential impact along these waters.

At this time, the advisory against usage for cooking, bathing or drinking is being lifted. Based on results from a number of samplings, Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Health Services have determined that there is no risk to human health. Further, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has also determined there is no risk to animal health.

Homeowners drawing water directly from the river are advised to run their taps to remove any stagnant water from the lines.