Portable and Small Chicken Coop – A Few Advantages

By Kor Rassad

Coop_and_run_front_rightIf you want healthy chickens along with fresh eggs, then you must provide your chickens with natural food, ample sunshine and lots of fresh air. All this can be done by constructing a mobile chicken coop for them. These are also commonly called chicken tractors. Discussed in this article are a few key advantages of keeping your chicken in a chicken tractor.

A mobile chicken coop allows your chicken a supplement diet along with exercise as they scratch the ground to search for bugs and worms to eat.

The walls and top as well as the base of a portable coop are all made of wire mesh. This allows fresh breeze to flow through, providing them with fresh air. These units may be constructed to have space for sunshine as well as shade so that the chickens are comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions. Mobile chicken coops allow your chickens to live in a natural environment while they mesh protects them from predators such as foxes and rodents. You can make one large coop to house all the chickens and a smaller portable one that can have three or four chickens to experience the fresh air and environment turn by turn.

If you limited space in your yard, you can add an extra attachment to the portable coop that will be used for nesting and perch. With this solution, you will have three or four chickens in the yard and you will still have eggs.

Another advantage of portable chicken cops is that if your job requires regular relocation, these coops will prove to be an excellent investment. This is because they will provide all the basics which a regular chicken coop would offer.

Planning out and constructing a portable chicken coop is reasonably easier, simpler and inexpensive when compared to proper large units. Also, the time taken to build these is much more than the time it takes to build a portable one.

However, you must make sure that the mobile chicken coop you construct should follow all the requirements that are needed by chickens to remain healthy.

Each chicken must have plenty of space to itself and ventilation, cleanliness and comfort are paramount when you are designing the coop. let the chickens roam around in you backyard regularly but be careful to keep an eye on them in case they are attacked by predators.

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