Poem to Provide Hope to Fort McMurray

I wrote this poem of hope as I was walking around downtown Lethbridge and thinking about how fortunate I am compared to many others. I dedicated the poem to those affected by the fires in Fort McMurray and I think it would raise spirits and motivate people to help.


Do we really take the time?

By Heather Cameron of Lethbridge, Alberta

Do we take time to thank the Lord for all that we are given?
Do we take the time to share our excess that others may also live? Do we take the time to look around at those for those in any need? Do we take the time to stop and see all the beauty we can see?

When trials come, do we cower and hide?
Or do we look at the ashes and above them, choose to rise?
Do we serve one another with our kindness and our love?
Do we strive to be like the one watching over us from above?

We take time to share and care for that is what we are.
Beings who live for others to heal our own life’s scars.
Do we truly comprehend what it means to care?
Even a simple smile helps others want to hang in there.

Tragedy strikes and we know it’s not fun.
Yet, every little helping hand is wanted, tis better not to run.
There will come a day when the helpers will need saved.
The hands that were helped will have strength enough to lift.

Lift where you stand with your helping hands.
Your voice matters to keep hearts from being shattered.
Love and help can repair broken hearts.
Just wanting to offer up your hands and hearts is the best way to start.

All can feel that love can heal.
Willing hands and hearts can all play a vital part.
Be strong in all you do and give.
For you may be the key for helping another want to live.

Live on, live well and embrace the golden rule.
For we all sit in our Lord’s arms, ready to serve as a rescue tool.

This poem is dedicated to all those affected by the fire in Fort McMurray.
Written by Heather Leigh Cameron (c) May 2016.