Planet Waves ~ Weekly Horoscope for September 12 to 19, 2014

By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19)

You’re being invited to go beyond your known borders in a bold and adventurous way. You seem to have had more than enough with being confined in a partnership or contractual situation, and you’re figuring out that you have much broader horizons than you’ve acknowledged any time recently. You are under no obligation to live the way you lived in the past, following rules that you followed in the past. Yet rather than throw anything (or everything) to the four winds, I suggest you at least state your position clearly to whom it may concern. You do not need permission from anyone else, though you will benefit from the integrity that comes from speaking your truth and not leaving anyone guessing, blaming themselves or blaming you. Of course you cannot control that entirely, but you can have a positive influence and keep your karma positive.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

What matters is not the form of a relationship but rather the creative fire that it contains. You may have lost sight of that recently, though you are now being reminded of what is so often neglected. This takes more devotion than most mortals are willing to invest into their journeys with others, and consistency that is rare to find. Yet I suggest you remember that ultimately this is not about a relationship; it’s about you, your integrity and your commitment to life. Unusual, unexpected things happen when you take the chance of asserting your soul, though it’s best not to expect them and allow your clarity of purpose to be its own reward. Keep your focus and remember to stay true to yourself first, and to what you want, second. From this space, when passion takes hold, it does so in a much more reliable way.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)

Next to self-esteem, I think that trust is the most pressing issue facing Western society. Indeed, this may be a global issue, though I think of it more as a problem of those who have the option not to trust and still make it through the day, which is our story here in the lavishly wealthy part of the world. One thing people tend not to trust is when someone desires them, or makes a direct approach of some kind. If that happens over the next few days, will you meet the person face to face, or will you bob and weave, and avoid the encounter? Remember, you are required neither to make nor accept any promises. You only need to trust enough to learn more. I suggest you go through a few layers of experience rather than allowing yourself to be turned off at the first meager question or appearance that does not fit your idea of who someone is supposed to be. Stay around long enough to find out.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Now is the time to get serious about a health issue, or your overall state of fitness. Move gently through any resistance, which may come in the form of inertia – or fear. You may experience some confusion early in the process, but that will give way to recognizing the integrity of what you are doing. Remember that there is no physical situation that is not connected to some underlying spiritual and/or emotional state, so know what your real goal is. A similar scenario will hold true for work-related matters. This is the time to motivate yourself to do your very best work. The challenges you meet will be more than compensated by a boost to your self-esteem every time you get a job well done. So don’t waste any time doubting. Be confident in your talents and trust your motivation. Meet any doubt with a positive attitude and sense of adventure, and be eager to see what is around every corner.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)

Creativity is delusional. That’s the whole idea. It’s not supposed to make perfect sense or be practical. It’s a kind of impassioned fantasy, or journey begun with an unknown destination. One vital element of creative exploration is that you allow it to be pointless, seemingly for its own sake, or for a diversion. Then refinement comes later; that requires a different kind of discipline, a shift in viewpoint and ongoing review. Yet that is not the heart of the matter, the thing with no substitute. The core is allowing yourself that space of freedom from some worldly intention other than to allow your ideas to flow. It’s true that some artists and musicians get lost in this aspect of the work, and never get to the refinement stage. For now, don’t worry about that. Other aspects suggest that you will focus that level of activity, and that you will be able to connect this to your vocational or business plan.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)

You must be cautious of the self-critical qualities of Virgo for the next few days, lest they undo something that could work out brilliantly for you. If you find you’re taking yourself apart in any way that feels unpleasant or like it’s the return of an old habit, pause and shift the narrative. The problem with self-criticism is that you can pawn it off on yourself as some form of improvement. However, that is rarely true, and when it is true, it will last for about five minutes maximum before you take constructive action or engage in a healing process. But there is something suspect about any self-judgment that comes up for you now, especially if it arrives in the form of needing to be more spiritual, or needing to focus more. The real themes of your chart are keeping an open mind and encouraging forgiveness, of yourself and of others. This is a fine line to walk — keep your eyes and ears open.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)

Don’t get too caught up in plans and strategizing — plenty more useful information is about to emerge, timed approximately with the Sun’s arrival in your sign in just over one week, followed by a magnificent New Moon. You may, however, be obsessed with one particular plan that seems like exactly the right thing to do, and it may be. I suggest, however, that you make a generous list of everything that you don’t know and keep all of that in mind. As long as you know you don’t know, you will be on solid ground. Remember that idea: the key to knowing is to know when you don’t know, and to the best extent you can, to know what information you are missing. Then be patient, and pay attention to what comes your way. Once you structure your learning process, you magnify its power, and make more efficient use of the information that comes to you.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)

I’m here today to remind you of something the magnificent Lois Rodden, one of the great astrologers of our lifetime, once said to me. Mercury, she said, is often considered the money planet (mainly since it’s associated with merchants and commerce), but for money, the planet you really want on your side is Mars. The reason for that is because making money requires motivation and focused intention. Mars is about to ingress Sagittarius, your house of available resources (the 2nd house), and that will provide just those elements. Yet there is one caveat — that your mode of creating resources be connected to your soul-level mission, or what most people would think of as your true values. I’ll say this another way. You’re about to get a serious boost in your money-creating power and for it to work well for you and for everyone else, focus that energy on doing the right thing. You know what it is.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)

Mars ingressing your sign on Saturday will, at least, demonstrate that your worst fears were not true. At best, you will focus your goals with new commitment and determination. While Sagittarius is associated with many things, remember that its deeper meaning is the one-pointed determination to follow your highest calling and to get the job done. Sagittarius at its best brooks no distraction, no competition, no compromises. Mars, which itself carries the symbol of focused determination — the same arrow that appears in the Sagittarius glyph — emboldens that whole program of getting the job done. On the physical plane and especially on our planet, you need this kind of strength and focus to cut through the nearly limitless bullshit that is flying around, and to avoid the many diversions that prevent most progress. You certainly have an adventure ahead — though one with a clear purpose and as much assurance of success as is possible. Choose your direction. Go forward, and keep going forward.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

People respect you in a way that you may not fully understand. Yet you may be receiving the message that you must set an example for others. Remember that such an example does not imply that you must be pure, or practice chastity, or deny that you have feelings and attachments. I suggest you focus the experience of your full humanity into what you offer the world, and draw strength from having no fear of controversy whatsoever. It is true that at this time in your life, you are creating an ever-greater impact on the world around you, and part of how you’re doing that is through focusing your sincerity. This is not an option. It’s not a frill. It’s an evolutionary imperative, and at its core is your ability to be real with yourself at all times. So accept no excuses, and grant yourself no casual exceptions. Progress is at stake –- of a rare kind, available in this moment.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)

You seem to be finding your voice, in a way that is close to your heart — in your community. There are many ways to define community these days; this would seem to be the one that you consider your spiritual home, or your primary tribe. You have been unusually reserved, cautious or conservative in recent times of your life, and you are now being invited to step into a far more visible role, standing up for some cause, commitment or mission that you may have been reluctant to speak about in the past. You may feel vulnerable doing this, though I assure you that you are standing on a deep foundation, and that unlike most people, your leadership is grounded on the strength of your moral authority. I don’t say this lightly and I suggest you not take it lightly — and not let that stop you from going past your previous limits and taking a genuine risk for what is truly a worthwhile cause.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

I have never seen the word “achievement” in any textbook description of Pisces, which demonstrates why we need better sources than those books. Yet this quality — of aspiration, motivation, determination, is written all over the charts of Pisces because you have Sagittarius in your 10th house of reputation, profession and authority. Mars is about to cross the cusp of that house, and that is putting you in the mood to accomplish great things. This you will do, if you remember your highest goals and put integrity above appearance. Take no shortcuts to success, and make sure that you’re available and accountable for your decisions. There’s an element of this that may conflict with your image as a sensitive, empathic person. In truth there is no conflict between these elements of who you are, but just in case, the solution is to focus on the quality of your work, never compromising, and making sure you push the opportunity to have that work seen by as many people as possible.

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