Planet Waves ~ Weekly Horoscope for April 10 – 17, 2015


By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Relationships are not everything and everything is a relationship. Or as Thaddeus Golas once wrote in The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, “We are equal beings and the universe is our relationships with one another.” What has recently developed with another person is likely to have shifted your orientation not just on that particular encounter, but on existence. You have seen through something, perhaps a belief you held about the world, or an appearance that you were taking for ultimate reality. What you’ve really experienced is the propensity of people and their circumstances to change. As a result of taking this on board, your own story is moving in some interesting directions. You are likely to be free in a way that you were not before, because you’re considering real data from your environment rather than something you wanted to be true. This will have a way of bringing you closer to yourself — and allowing you to be closer to others.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

You contain a person or personality who is not concerned with the normal rules of social conduct. This is the truly free aspect of who you are. The thing is, most of the rest of who you are is deeply concerned with social conduct and appearances, and this can set up a struggle. It would help if you allowed the different facets of your inner existence to coexist. This would begin with acknowledging the many personalities you contain as you become aware of them. Yet there’s a risk in doing so, which is a risk to your self-image of propriety. I would say that’s a good thing to challenge, to gamble, to experiment with. You can only have self-respect if you see yourself for who you are (the word respect is about witnessing; it literally means ‘to see again’). Self-respect means looking at yourself over and over, and raising the level of your inner conversation to something you can hear and share with others. Do tell. We will all find it interesting.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)

Venus in your sign bestows a special kind of intelligence. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, and Venus and Mercury are neighbors, more similar than most astrologers recognize. Mercury bestows a quick-witted kind of mental intelligence. Venus, which arrives in your sign on Saturday, describes what I will call an aesthetic intelligence. In Gemini, you might say this is about beautiful and elegant thinking. It’s offering you more than a strictly logical approach to your circumstances. There is a new kind of information coming; it arrives with both a shift in your perception and your ability to simultaneously hold two points of view and have them not be in conflict with one another. When you’re evaluating something, try feeling what is true rather than ‘thinking’ about it. And notice whether an idea is beautiful and how that affirms its relative truth. Venus is another way of looking at the world, and she’s coming soon.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You’ve been making bold moves, experimenting with real decisions and in truth entering new territory in many areas of your life. You seem to be going deeper than ever — and reaching higher than ever. But this rarely goes as expected or planned, so I suggest you work without either expectations or plans. Rather, keep your mind on a vision, on something you’re aspiring to, and let it be something unusual. There is a theme of taking authority by subverting some custom or idea of culture. It’s as if you’re determined to do something your own way, and make it work in a way greater than anyone would expect. You can do this, though you have to be clever, and you have to pay attention to your environment. One of the operative factors is your reputation. This is a tool you can work with. The chances are you are known for something unusual, or you have some special achievements to your credit. Play them up and make sure you do everything you can to stand up and stand out.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)

What you believe is more radical than you may know. You’ve been getting little clues about that here and there, though you’re about to get a big one. The clue seems to be related to changing your mind about something, or revising your plans. This is in service of some long-range goal. Yet I would remind you that in truth, the only such goal you have involves who you are becoming. Your external plans are representations of your inner reality. The challenge here is that you prefer to have a very stable inner sense of self, while there exist a diversity of factors that are making that unlikely or impossible. You want some stability; and your environment, inner and outer, seems to be handing you nothing but change, and a changing idea, of what is necessary. Over the next few days, the two sides of the equation will align: the side that wants consistency and the side that is demanding progress. There is a meeting place, and it will surprise you.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)

You must learn to speak the language of those you would seek to influence. To do that, you must know what they want. Yet what you want is just as valuable and necessary right now. Your chart suggests you can get past the illusion of separate interests, which also means getting past the notion of competing interests. There are aspects of your plan that will work for others and aspects of their plan that will work for you. You will be in the role of the person who is guiding things into the mix-and-match win-win situation (there’s a bestselling buzz phrase for you!). So start mixing, matching and winning. While you’re doing that you may have to clear up some misunderstandings that have emerged the past week or so, and I suggest the best way you do that is first by listening, and second, by acting only on information you have confirmed to be true.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)

The recent lunar eclipse may have shaken your confidence, or so it seemed for a moment. Really, you’ve been going through a kind of initiation. You are figuring out that you are the most solid ground on which you stand. You are your own home. No matter who you share your life with, you must be at the center of your existence if that sharing is to be meaningful. Some might say this makes you less vulnerable, by which I mean able to be open to the emotional presence of others in a deep way. Being centered and able to relate from your core is what makes vulnerability and therefore intimacy possible. Discovering this is part of the long journey you’ve been on since Pluto changed signs in 2008. It may have felt like your previously solid ground was crumbling beneath your feet. Yet what was really falling apart was an outdated idea of relationships that no longer worked.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)

You might notice that a relationship partner becomes more conversant with you about things that were previously taboo. I suggest you allow them the space to open up and speak, without asking. Leave your door open and make the environment safe by reminding them that you’re listening and that you care. I think you’ll hear something over the next few days, and if you don’t, gently bring up some topic you’ve been wondering about. You’re in a very good position to see things from the viewpoint of another person. One of the main shifts that a partner has been through is something similar, the ability to consider two seemingly competing possibilities at once. Yet those possibilities don’t really compete or negate one another. They actually support one another. The same is true for differing opinions the two of you may have. Honoring difference is essential, and making it work for you is a form of art.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)

You seem ready to burst through some creative barrier. That means making peace with being different, among other things. What I would suggest is an indirect approach. For example, someone might make a political statement through some form of serious writing; someone else might do it indirectly through art or music. I suggest you take the most subversive route to making your point, which will encourage you to keep whatever you’re doing creative, adventurous and risky. By risky I mean taking the chance to do something different, or in a different way, with each thing that you do. Really pause and consider your methods and your approaches to the puzzles and projects of your life. You may need to go out on limbs where you know you may be less than comfortable, or make others uncomfortable. That is one hint, not proof but a hint, that you’re taking creative risks.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

You may be seeking security and finding a form of chaos. It’s as if the more security you seek the more chaos you will find. You might change approaches and dance with the fact of a kaleidoscopic world, a world where everything influences everything else. Because that is true, this thing known as ‘meaning’ must always be seen in context, and given room to grow. That’s a hint that there is no absolute meaning to anything, but rather information to be gathered from how any one circumstance influences you now, and how you influence it. Humans have a tendency to want fixed definitions and permanent states, though definitions morph constantly and the state of the world is in a constant state of change. Where does that leave you? A little like a dancer moving to the music rather than the choreography. This is to say your life is more like the Barefoot Boogie and less like Swan Lake.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)

It looks to me like there is something you want to put in writing, though you may be running into some issues. One of them is the feeling that it’s not possible to say this thing, exactly, and mean what you say. Get used to that — it’s probably not possible to fit exact meaning into words, and have that same exact meaning appear in someone else’s mind. Therefore, do your best and express yourself sincerely. Go for the feeling as much as the facts. Second, it would seem that what you have to say could pop someone’s mind — that is, it might be controversial. That’s the direction to go in. I don’t mean intentionally stirring people up but rather, inwardly, moving in the direction of not being afraid to do so. In other words, be mindful of when your inner censor says, ‘Don’t say that! You’ll get in trouble!’ That’s the thing you most likely want, and need, to say.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

You’re having to make a lot of decisions about money lately, and what you’re likely to be discovering along the way is what is truly important to you. In astrology, the same house — the 2nd, which in your chart happens to be Aries — covers your resources, your values and your self-esteem. Resources means money, equipment, supplies and most of all, talent. Values means your personal constitution, which by the way is getting amended regularly as you set new values based on new experiences. Self-esteem is the inherent respect you have for yourself. One message from that facet of your mind is that you’re figuring out how radical you are. Radical has two meanings: it’s commonly said to mean one who dares to challenge the status quo, such as a revolutionary. Semantically, the word means going to the roots of whatever is in question, in this case yourself. Upcoming aspects describe you going deep, and gaining confidence expressing yourself from your core.

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