Planet Waves: Notes on Love and Courage

By Eric Francis

“The shoes are marching for us.” @nicoleghio via Twitter.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Well, the Saturn-Neptune square certainly has begun with some energy. It’s been warming up all year, and is now at its first of three major peaks. The world has hardly ever seemed more chaotic, with more horrid things going on in more places.

It’s appealing to push it all away, to not pay attention, to have a few glasses of wine, turn off the ringer and put on a CD, or do a bong hit and watch South Park (a rare bastion of truth).

A SWAT vehicle carries police officers near the scene of a shooting in San Bernardino, California, on Wednesday. Photo by Mica Escamilla.

Indeed the lives of most people are already so overwhelming that few have time to even follow one of these events, much less track them carefully and assemble the pieces. To do this, I have the help of many people and we are at it nearly all the time. We tackle it together. For most people, it’s all just overwhelming and painful, and disgustingly repetitive.

For some, the feeling of being repelled by these events, and the world situation, verges on a kind of violent denial or chosen ignorance. Yet I don’t think there’s ever been a more critical time to pay attention and follow events. If they all seem designed to instill fear and chaos, awareness and understanding are the only way to penetrate that.

It hasn’t even been three weeks since the 11/13 incidents in Paris. During that time, the French government has carried out 2,335 raids on private homes and other locations. That’s a lot of raids. Imagine going to the grocery store that many times. Imagine SWAT teams storming through your building or neighborhood. France remains in a state of emergency.

Belgium has also conducted numerous raids on civilians, including one where someone whom authorities claimed to be the 11/13 mastermind was killed by a suicide bomb.

Countries within the European Union have begun to seal their borders, and the world has been turned against Syrian refugees. All it took to do that was the claim of one Syrian passport found at a crime scene in Paris. That’s how easy it is these days to blame a whole country.

Planet Waves
Migrants pulled an inflatable boat crowded with Syrian refugees arriving last month on Lesbos, Greece, from the Turkish coast. The war in Syria has created more than 4.2 million refugees. Photo by Sergey Ponomarev.

The U.K. and France

have joined bombing Syria. This is crucial: the main response to 11/13 was to bomb Syria. The United States has run well over 7,000 bombing runs on Syria recently.

The U.S. is now sending more ground troops into Iraq, which most likely means Syria too — describing them in perfect doublespeak as a “specialized expeditionary targeting force.”

Meanwhile, the majority of governors in the United States have openly vowed to block Syrians from entering, even though they lack any power to do so — at least now. The way things are going, if we don’t wake up and turn this around, we’ll be seeing security checkpoints on the New York-New Jersey line before long. That’s what happens when we think greater ‘security’ makes us more secure. The two have nothing to do with one another.

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has said he wants people to be made to prove that they’re Christian. There must be some way, he said. What does he mean? Religious affiliation papers? Digital implants? Tattoos? Reciting the Hail Mary backwards, like a field sobriety test? Is he that stupid? He may be.

Is this the world you want to live in? I don’t think so.

While the shock of Paris was still reverberating, on Nov. 27 there was a shooting and five-hour standoff at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Three people were killed. This is yet another incident in the ongoing war against women’s reproductive rights.

Planet Waves
Jeb Bush — whose campaign is going brilliantly horribly worse than anyone thought possible — wants people to prove they are Christian; or else what? He has no sense of irony. Photo by Brian Snyder.

Five days later, this past Wednesday, Dec. 2, there was an attack on a social services facility in San Bernardino, California, followed by a purported shootout between the perpetrators and the police.

This took 16 lives, including those of the two people alleged to have done the shooting. Twenty-one other people were injured. We’re told the assailants were armed with semi-automatic weapons and explosives, were in possession of thousands of rounds of ammunition and were dressed in combat-styled attire.

We are being told that their home contained a kind of bomb factory. I’ll come back to this scenario in a moment, and the associated chart.

Here is something I noticed going through my day Wednesday. I woke up that morning and listened to Amy Goodman’s coverage of the COP21 climate change coverage on Democracy Now! [Listen at this link.]

Leaders of 100 countries are currently gathered just outside Paris, supposedly to negotiate a treaty that will keep the average global temperature from rising more than 1.5 or 2 or 3 or 5 or however many degrees centigrade. This may all be a sham. The problem is pretty far-gone as it is, and changes made now won’t have an effect for decades.

That day, Goodman, who is providing live daily coverage this week and next, was talking about something that has barely made news — the fact that Exxon’s internal corporate documents indicatethe company had been aware that its activities were causing global warming since 1977.

Planet Waves
Amy Goodman reporting this week from the COP21 climate change conference just outside Paris. Image from Democracy Now!

They had some of the best climate scientists working with an excellent budget, and they figured it out before anyone else did. Then, with that information, they embarked on a policy of climate change denial. Heck, we should credit them with inventing climate denial.

While this Exxon angle wasn’t getting much coverage, the conference itself was getting some attention in the mainstream media. This partly involved the French ban on protests in the wake of the 11/13 incidents. Rightfully, the world should be enraged about the conduct of both governments and oil companies given how the climate issue has developed. The French love to protest (it’s the national sport) and can turn out massive, orderly crowds on little notice.

No such thing is happening. And now coverage of COP21 has disappeared, of course with the exception of Democracy Now!

There’s one additional major news item to weave into context, for the full picture. Earlier this week, Chicago mayor (and former Obama chief of staff) Rahm Emmanuel fired his police chief, Garry McCarthy. This involved McCarthy’s handling of the killing of Laquan McDonald, an unarmed black youth who was shot 16 times by a white cop in the summer of 2014.

Police claimed McDonald had lunged at them, but video evidence proved otherwise. McCarthy, the police chief, was aware of this the day after the shooting but kept quiet the fact that he knew about it, and continued to issue denials.

Planet Waves
Exxon knew about the effects of carbon dioxide in 1977. Learn more about that in this video from Democracy Now!

Jason Van Dyke, the officer, was charged with first-degree murder — but only when the court-ordered release of the video was imminent. The fact of police officers being charged with a crime in these incidents is a new development this year. The fact of these police shootings happening over and over again is not new, as we all know. But covering up videotape of a kid being shot 16 times by an officer?

There are many common threads here. One of them is using guns and bombs on unarmed people. Countless thousands of bombing runs on Syria, a list of names of people shot by the police that could fill a war memorial, and an ongoing litany of mass shootings in the U.S.

Today someone said that the incident yesterday in San Bernardino was staged by the government. Why exactly? So they can come for our guns. That’s the level of paranoia and misunderstanding we’re dealing with now. There has been absolutely no serious talk of gun control, and the “gun show loophole” is still so wide open that any psychotic multiple felon can arm himself with weapons of war in 15 minutes.

Is anyone aware that there have been 353 mass shootings in the United States this year alone? We’re also at the three-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. Back then the gun nuts were also saying this was staged so they could take our guns away. The solution to gun violence is always more guns, till soon we’ll all be living at the O.K. Corral. Only this gunfight won’t last 30 seconds. Pope Francis recently called it “piecemeal World War III.”

Planet Waves
Pope Francis walks inside the Austro-Hungarian cemetery at Fogliano in Redipuglia Sept. 31. He recently described the world situation as “piecemeal World War III.” He has a good point. It does seem that way.

One last point — as my friend and collaborator Andrew McLuhan pointed out recently, the power of the media magnifies each of these events beyond what impact it would have otherwise.

Since the advent of newspapers, the speed and loudness of events used to start wars has increased exponentially. That increased by many orders of magnitude with broadcast media, then again with the Internet, then again with ‘social’ media. So whatever we are witnessing, we’re seeing it in exaggerated, distorted form. The speed and impact of events are turned up; facts matter less than impressions; people respond to conflicting information with fear, suspicion or by dismissing what they read.

What is frightening is that the more events there are, and the more fear they generate, the less we tend to think about each of them. In total, this greatly increases their propaganda value.

The Chart for San Bernardino

One challenge with presenting an event chart (I have heard from some readers) is that people who are not astrologically literate tend to skip those sections. To encourage reading, I’m going to make this as short and as simple as I can, providing enough information for other astrologers to test out my theory.

This event is totally confounding. The chart gives the clearest picture. When I get a chart for one of these events, the first thing I check for is veracity. To put it bluntly, I am looking for evidence of a false-flag event — which means something blamed on the wrong party.

Planet Waves
Chart for the earliest known report of the San Bernardino shooting. On the very top left are Saturn, the Sun and Mercury. Many factors point you back to the 10th house of government. Jupiter is the orange number 4 on the right side of the chart. The Moon is also on the right. All of these factors point to the house associated with governmental authority.

With a team of about 15 people I am also searching the news coverage for whether the reports have credibility and consistency; whether they make any sense at all. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t. One psychological obstacle that I do not have, that many people do have, is that I know what large organizations are capable of, and capable of covering up.

I do my best to correct for observer bias by using strict rules of chart interpretation, by working with other astrologers and many fact-checkers whose viewpoints I understand. For my chart I am using 10:59 am, the earliest time verified by CBS News.

In the chart for San Bernardino, we have something that looks like a government job, top to bottom. I do not believe this about every event and I am a tough customer on these mass shootings. I think that a lot of them are done by authentic weirdos, and influenced by psychotropic meds. This looks like a different kind of event from every angle.

The section of the chart at the top left is the one that deals with the government. It’s called the 10th house. Every major factor in the chart points back to the 10th house. There would seem to be no way out. Every way you run the logic, you come back to the same place.

The 10th in this chart is Sagittarius. The ever-important rulers of both the 1st and 7th houses (ascendant and descendant) are in Sagittarius and the 10th, in a conjunction. A conjunction is about collaboration, collusion and mutual involvement.

Planet Waves
Bill McKibben, a founder of environmental group, was arrested recently for his one-man protest outside an Exxon station.

If we look for the ruler of Sagittarius (which would represent the government’s position), we find Jupiter in Virgo in the 8th house (the house of the cause of death). If we look for the ruler of the 8th and Virgo (the cause of death) we find Mercury in the 10th house. Mercury and Jupiter are in what’s called mutual reception — the astrological term for collusion or total mutual involvement.

The Moon is in Virgo. In this kind of astrology a critical factor is what the Moon does next. What it does is make a square to Saturn in the 10th. So the Moon also points to the 10th.

Last, the 4th house (opposite the 10th) seems to be a good indicator of the shadow government (that is, the level of officialdom that comes with the ‘black budget’ that even senators cannot see, ‘black ops’ such as assassinations, spying on the public, etc.). The 4th has Gemini on the cusp, which is ruled by Mercury — and that, too, is on the 10th house.

I could go on for a while.

Now, this was supposed to be a domestic act, but that’s not likely with Sagittarius up there. As of press time, officials are describing the perpetrators as having ties to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and are starting to say that they may have had jihadist motives. That is not jiving with the “workplace shooting” version of the story. There are many, many elements of the official version of events that make no sense at all.

But what I think we’re likely to see is that somehow this is going to be blamed on Islamic extremism and that as a result we will be told that the war has officially come home to roost in the United States. This will be made into an international issue somehow.

Planet Waves
A trust game — but trust is more than a game. Image by Gorskiya, Wikimedia Commons.

As for love and courage. We have seen what fear and hatred have done to our society, and we’re feeling the effects of what it does to us as individuals. It takes courage to be alive right now, and we’re going to need to find the strength to trust ourselves and one another.

The trust issue is huge. Here in the post-9/11 world of relationships, everyone is a potential stalker or spy.

This political event has had profound personal implications for everyone. From the first moments anyone could see that it would be used as a means of getting people to be afraid, to shut own, to distrust anyone in your field of view. The social climate has become so uptight it feels weird to relax a little, and for some it feels impossible to be anything but suspicious.

Since then that same thing has happened over and over again. The planet is heating up and the world has grown colder. This is not a place we can live safely, or with any modicum of sanity. They are equally important issues. And while we may not be able to do much about the meteorological climate today, there’s plenty we can do right now about the social climate.


Additional research: Fe Bongolan, Amy Elliott, Andrew McLuhan, Amanda Painter, Cindy Ragusa, Carol van Strum, Sarah Taylor, Len Wallick, Lizanne Webb

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