Planet Waves Horoscopes: September 26 – October 3, 2016

By Eric Francis


aries.jpgARIES — You are saucier than you let on. In fact you’re quite good at this, though it tends to get in the way of your fun. Imagine yourself at your wildest and most outrageous. Then see if you can move 10% of the way in that direction. That would be just enough to get you out of your familiar safe zone and into some territory where you feel different and get different responses from people. You won’t be committing to much, or risk losing control, but what you’ll have is the experience of exploring an edge of your personality. That’s where the action is, when you want to feel fresh and alive and like you’re taking a chance on living. You’ll also notice different people than you’re usually aware of, by which I mean that even if you troop around the same neighborhood all week, stepping outside your usual bounds will cue you into the existence of people you’ll be very happy you noticed.


taurus.jpgTAURUS — You may feel that if you give too much of yourself, you won’t be able to stop. That would be ideal, actually. That’s the point you find out what you’re made of. This will be a discovery — that is, figuring out how much you have to offer in so many different facets of what you do. One thing that might be productive is taking down the dividers between work, play and creativity. These partitions not only consume energy; they block the flow of creativity. Over the past year, you’ve learned a lot about just how much originality you possess. It’s time to fully claim that and use it as the main fuel that powers your mind. You’re beyond the stage where getting things done is adequate. You’re ready to be brilliant all the time, and there’s just one way to do that: keep your mind on and engaged and ready for adventure.


gemini.jpgGEMINI — Jupiter and the Sun are now joining forces in the boldest and most adventurous angle of your chart. That’s an invitation to push the limits of what you think is possible. You have a special challenge ahead of you, which will come with unusual rewards if you step up to your potential. It takes a special state of mind to look at a blank page, or to listen to the silence, and imagine something into being. Yet that seeming blankness is speaking to you now. Ideas are bubbling forth from everyone and everything, if you would only listen. You will also need to take the risk of creation, which means letting your ideas out and then giving them a chance to develop. Don’t rush this process; attend to it like the plants on your windowsill: looking after them daily, giving them light and water, and encouraging them to grow. Light and water includes fun and passion. Keep your energy moving.


cancer.jpgCANCER — Everyone knows that old Woody Guthrie song This Land is Your Land. Here’s a new version of that for you: this world is your world. It’s time for you to take up a little more space on the planet, to stretch into the world and, in a sense, to be at home everywhere. This may involve something that’s a bit taboo these days, which is living with a sense of entitlement. I don’t mean this in the arrogant sense of the word, though you may feel as if you would be stepping with a little extra swagger. The state of mind I’m describing is being willing to occupy physical space and mental bandwidth. Expand your sense of being, and your ideas, and perhaps speak more loudly and clearly. Take control of the various environments in your life, whether it’s your home, your office, or deciding where you want to sit in a restaurant. It’s time for people to move over and make some room for you.


leo.jpgLEO — Be generous with praise and compliments, and with sharing your knowledge. You have a lot to say, and it’s time you said it. You have some genuine areas of both expertise and experience. However, you will need to focus what you know and what you’ve accomplished into a form that is relevant for others. This will involve reinterpreting what you know, and in a sense transforming, focusing and making it accessible. Yet if you can do this, you can actually feed yourself using your ideas. This would include any form of business activity on the internet, and many forms of creative work or consulting. The thing is, you need an angle. What you have possession of is like a library, or a mine full of ore. Now you must extract the useful ingredients and fashion them into something valuable. Once you’ve done that, connecting with those who will benefit is the easy half of the gig.


virgo.jpgVIRGO — The great god Mercury has resumed direct motion in your sign; Mercury retrograde is over. You may be breathing a deep sigh of relief, as this retrograde has practically kidnapped you and taken you on a wild ride for the past month. You may have experienced a diversity of misadventures and unexpected turns, and invested some energy in things that turned out to be questionable. Yet one thing is clear: you learned something you never would have learned any other way. By learned, I mean you discovered that something was possible, which you may have deemed impossible before — or, more likely — never even considered. Not only is it possible, it will take considerably less effort the next time you do it, and you’ll get better and more efficient as time goes on. Always remember: you know you can do it.


libra.jpgLIBRA — This week’s meeting of the Sun and Jupiter in your birth sign is nothing short of a glorious invitation to live, to live fully, and to live well. It’s also about your newfound ability to make solid and tangible what was, before this time, wispy and lacking form. You now have some firm, fertile soil to sink your roots into, and to grow tall in. You can think of Jupiter in your birth sign as an opportunity to redefine yourself — how you experience and perceive yourself, and how you want others to experience you. You can magnify the elements of your character that you want to emphasize: such as talents or skills, or things you might not feel you ordinarily have the privilege of expressing. Think of any aspect of yourself that you love but tend to hide. You might think of this as a giant coming-out party. It’s time!


scorpio.jpgSCORPIO — Venus is now in your sign, and you’re like honey to the bees. Jupiter is in Libra, an angle of your chart that’s a well of imagination and fantasy. The thing is, you can now make your fantasies and desires real easier than usual. You have the influence and the charisma. Start by acknowledging them to yourself. Do so boldly and graphically, including some details. Then determine which people you might need to get into the act. The thing to remember — and it’s crucial in all facets of life here in the digital age — is that fantasy is different from reality. There’s a necessary step you take into a denser and seemingly less fluid experience when you go from imagination into physical reality. Therefore, be patient, and gain practice. Experiment with people you trust. Try something three times before you decide whether it’s really for you. Once is not enough.


sagittarius.jpgSAGITTARIUS — If you’ve been struggling to increase your professional income, now is the time. This will come with the enhancement of your professional stature. You’ve spent much of the last two years doing the real work: building your skills and your reputation. Of course, you can always be better at what you do; and you will get better with the doing. However, you’re at a point in your journey where it’s time to collect on what you’ve accomplished. If astrology is a true indicator of your environment, you will be supported generously. What you need to do above all else is to step into your new stature. You need to be the person you are becoming, only not in the sense of putting on a costume but rather of transforming yourself from the inside out. This will take commitment and practice, especially when you’re in public or among friends. Stand at your full height and walk with confidence.


capricorn.jpgCAPRICORN – You’ve come a long way in a short time. Suddenly, that is apparent. You are getting a taste of what it’s like to be recognized and appreciated for what you do. There would seem, however, to be something else that you’re seeking, a different kind of success or reputation. What is this about? I reckon you’re not quite sure yet, and that you’re consciously searching for something. That something is not a thing; it’s yourself. While it’s possible to seek and find some elements of yourself through some activity — which is exactly what you’re doing — this is a journey that you’ll need to take deeper. It will help to avoid any form of false certainty about who you are. And it will be a difficult temptation to resist. Yet the equation is simple: what you do does not define who you are. Who you are is the bottom line.


aquariusAQUARIUS — Celestial activity this week will lighten up your vibe and remind you that there is a world beyond what you know. The challenge you face now, and for the next few months, is to allow aspiration and the love of what you do to motivate you, rather than fear. This will take some imagination, and a real measure of daily discipline. You may not be able to detach yourself completely from the possibility of negative outcomes; they do exist, in potential. But you can use them to your advantage through a time-honored method known as engaging with shadow. In other words, rather than suppress difficult feelings like shame and fear, admit that they exist, and explore them consciously. This will free up energy, which you can then use for whatever you want. Holding down your feelings burns up life force. Perhaps take this as your mantra: the way out is through.


piscesPISCES — The past month or so has presented some significant challenges in your relationships. There have been great moments of promise, which have been interlaced with misunderstandings. Yet you must admit that the ground beneath you has shifted in a positive and helpful direction, thanks in part to your recent intimate encounters. What it will help to remember is that relationships and partnerships of all kinds are built on common values, desires and interests. Yes, to some extent, opposites attract — though there’s only so far that goes; even opposition contains elements of mutual contact that make it workable. It’s essential now that you spend time with the people around whom you feel good. Though it’s easy to build relationships on commitment, obligation and continuity with the past, you’re beyond the point where you can accept anyone in your life besides those you know and feel in your heart you want, and to whom you are willing to offer yourself.

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